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BDBasu, the promoter is having 40 years of expertise in sales with an experience in copywriting. He has passed diploma in copywriting with merit from Blackford Institute for Copywriting, UK. After becoming a mechanical engineer and then with an MBA and many other professional qualifications, he started his professional life. He has worked in many engineering companies and presently a Director of an engineering company based in Gujarat with a role of increasing the sales of the company’s products i.e. material handling and cranes. He is a specialist in sales, advertising and copywriting field.


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It is an expression of thought expressed by the copywriter so effectively that it entices customers or prospects to search for the products or services to buy the same.
As per our expertise, neither it is a science, nor it is an art; it is a hybrid of both these functions. Most importantly, it is a magic wand of words but without any falsifying narration.
It all depends on you. Your dedication, motivation to sharp your skill to learn the use of various words effectively and full focus to know the nitty- gritty of this particular line. It takes time, say at least 10 years to become thorough in this profession and nearly 20 years to become an expert.
No. But if you have a basic knowledge of English and you have a propensity to juxtapose the words in English, it is easy to learn copywriting. Say for example, at my ripe age, I learned and passed MA English from IC FAI university securing a 1st class marks, and it definitely helps me in the course of Copywriting from “Blackford Institute for Copywriting,” UK.
The institute to institute it varies. There are many accredited institutes teach this course for a period of one/ two year. The reputed advertising companies also teach this course on a crash basis for 4/5 months. I learned this course from “Blackford Institute for Copywriting,” for a period of 12 months.
There is a wide gap between the demand and supply of a versatile Copywriter. If one is able to learn this course and practice sincerely, he/ she can earn INR 12000/15000/- per month as a beginner. After 3 to 5 years of experience, one can earn 35000/40000/- per month. The income probabilility sometimes varies inversely also.
It is better to start with a job first and learn under an efficient Sr.Copywriter. And, if you lucky to get train under a reputed creative director, then you can become an expert copywriter in a shorter time, say 10 years.
There are many books written by various Indian and overseas authors. I recommend to read these books to become an effective Copywriter
a. The Copywriters handbook by Robert W. Bly
b.Net words by Nick Usborne

c. Webcopy that sells by Maria Veloso
d. Sceintific advertising by Claude Hopkins
e.Ogilvy on advertising by David Ogilvy