About Us

BDBasu, the promoter is having 40 years of expertise in sales with an experience in copywriting. He has passed diploma in copywriting with merit from Blackford Institute for Copywriting, UK. After becoming a mechanical engineer and then with an MBA and many other professional qualifications, he started his professional life. He has worked in many engineering companies and presently a Director of an engineering company based in Gujarat with a role of increasing the sales of the company’s products i.e. material handling and cranes. He is a specialist in sales, advertising and copywriting field.

He has taken a leadership role in augmenting the growth of Anupam Industries Limited from a meager turnover of 7 crores in the year of 1999 to a volume of business of around 300 crores in the year 2017. In a total span of nearly two decades, he has trained many engineers in the right perspective which had enabled a fabulous growth of the company. Mr. Basu’s business acumen, coaching style and perseverance have paid a tremendous dividend for the company for nearly 400 percent growth. Many of his students cum engineers are now settled in various parts of the world duly working in multinational and transnational companies.

Apart from the said attributes, Basu has exercised his power of engineering sense to reduce the cost of the products of the company, increasing the quality aspect of the products, and showing his people
how to improve the process parameters to increase the production.Finally, all these plan of actions supported by a qualified team members produce a tangible output in terms of revenue increase, more price realization and bottom-line improvement for Anupam.

He has exercised his business excellence to project the products of Anupam Industries Limited in the market in such a way that the customers get enamored with the Copywriting text of the products.

In the field of training, he uses various tools to upgrade the linguistic proficiency which is a must for any Copywriter, He establishes methodologies describing how to properly juxtapose the words and theĀ  syntax so that the Copywriting text become a comprehensive and conducive materials for the prospects to become potential buyers.

His training on-line manuals will be distributed free of cost for the aspiring students who will take this discipline seriously and like to groom themselves as a professional Copywriter. For the past four decades, he has extensively trained buyers how to choose the proper products for the purpose of increasing the operational efficiency, how to correctly decide the sizes of the equipment, and how to improve upon the profit maximizing the sales etc. In discharging all these responsibilities, he adopted the strategical formulation of advertising campaign, and this was his strong professional expertise. In short, he now wants to distribute all these knowledge based documents to the probable  Copywriters.