One of the strengths of BDBasu’s is to prepare advertisement campaign for industries where he worked in the past. Many times, his strategies in terms of output become so that it brings volume of sales. In his present organization, with the support of his team members, he augmented the sales for 30 times in a span of 12 years from 2000 to 2012 with the utilization of various marketing tools. One of the techniques adopted by him is AIDA. It is not that easy to devise a campaign suiting the requirement of company’s need. But careful thoughts after studying the objectives of the company, and its product mix and how to fulfil the same will be helpful for the advertising company to devise a suitable ad campaign.

Any company whether manufacturing engineering goods, consumer products or industrial consumables require to formalize a campaign to increase the followings

Based on the above specifics, the advertising company has to define the scope, schedule and resources.  

Once this is finalized, the top management of the organization will ensure the followings parameters to be fulfilled though the advertisement campaign

 1. What would be scope matrix of the advertising campaign?

2. What would be cost of the advertisement as a project itself?

3. What would be qualitative measure?

4. What would be time schedule to complete the ad campaign and test the same in the market?

Once the ad is tested, the top management of the company needs to find out the cost benefit portion and ROI. Although, the ad will not increase the sales, but its effect will definitely put the company in a position to understand the trend of the market, how the particular product or product groups are behaving in the chosen market. 

Please contact BD Basu for devising and developing any advertisement campaign